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X Y Stage

DIY CNC X Y Z Axis Linear Stage Slide Kit 6.5" Travel for Mill / Router US MADE


Motorized X Y XY Linear Stages 6" x 6" Travel


IndustrialDevices X Y Z Linear stage, MD # PT-PAC001 with motors


AmScope GT100 X-Y Gliding Table - Manual Stage For Microscopes


Nikon Microscope XY Mechanical " BIG" Stage. Size 14" x 10", travel 3" both X


LEP - LUDL BioPrecision X/Y Microscope Motorized Stage


Epoi Manual Adjust X-Y Microscope Stage


ASI Motorized MS-2000 100mm x 100mm XY Stage with 6.35 Lead Screw


Set of 2 precision linear positioning stage with vernier scale x y positioner


Kensington Laboratories Motorized 4-Axis X/Y/Z Linear Stage Rotation Stage


Mikro Precision SQ0808PMD X-Y Stage Cross Slide Roller Bearings 8" Travel 14" Sq


Low Profile Compound X/Y Cross Slide Positioning Table Stage Mill Drill Machine


Attachable Mechanical X-Y Microscope Moveable Stage Caliper Scale High-precision


NIKON Motorized Microscope X-Y Stage; MAE HY-200 Motors


Motorized X Y Linear & Rotation Stage + Motion Controller


Pacific Precision Laboratories Motorized 2-Axis X-Y Linear Stage Stepper Motor


Pacific Precision Laboratories Motorized Linear 2-Axis X-Y Stage Stepper Motor


2 Axis X/Y Stage *33402 MI


Deltron X-Y Positioner Stage, 2x 0-1" Starrett Micrometers, *Holes Modified*


Parker Daedal X Y Linear Actuator Stage Compumotor ZETA57-83-E M57-83-E


OPTO SIGMA XY Axis Manual Stage Sliding Table Adjust Platform 30mm X 24mm


Goodfellow Micro Stage X/Y/Z Positioner Starrett 465 Micropositioner


New NSK X-Y Laser Engraving Stage Table Ball Screw Drive Linear Actuators 210L


Zeiss X-Y Microscope Stage Adjustable With Detent


ZEISS 453502 Microscope X Y Stage Axioline Axio


Carl Zeiss XY Mechanical Stage


Daedal 4955-06 x-y Positioner Stage 9"x6" Table 6x6 Travel 12x21 Base w/18" post


RENISHAW X-Y Stage, XY Stage S83867


Nikon Industrial Microscope X/Y Stage - Micrometers for Adjustment


Campden Micro Stage X/Y/Z Positioner w/ 3 Mitutoyo Micrometers Micropositioner


Mikro Precision GP-0808-PMD100 Stage X-Y Cross Slide Roller


ZEISS 453503 451830 Microscope X Y Stage Clamp Axioplan Axiophot


WARRANTY Parker Daedal XY Precision Linear Actuator Slide stage b4a


Generic Manually Adjustable Stage (X-Y)




Motorized X Y Linear Stages w/ CMC ME2105-054H Servo Motor